Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I've been running real low on blog inspiration lately. Truthfully, I'm just too busy having a quarter life crisis and all that good stuff. 

Then I saw this picture and here we are. 

I've always had a thing for Tavi. It's hard not to. She's the girl your grade one teacher always wanted you to be. 

Overachieving since birth (see here) and kinda like Benjamin Button (if you remember her as the kid dressed as a psychedelic gogo during her Style Rookie phase), she's pretty much the best. 

I have many What Would Blah-Blah do heroes. Y'know, that whole What Would Jesus Do thang but adapted for my heathen tastes. Oprah has been top of the list for longer than I can remember but I also throw in my bestie-best, Tumelo and sometimes Ali or alternatively Marlon Brando circa 1950 but now I'm trying out Tavi. 

What Would Tavi Do? 


  1. WWTD - What Would Tavi Do indeed...I can't believe how she's grown! Amazing post! You always find such gems to blog about.


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