Oroma Elewa

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When you don't like porn, the internet must serve a different purpose. 

When I fall down the rabbit hole of a good wifi connection, I usually find myself on fashion blogs, news-y sites or Wikipedia. As I have mentioned, Refinery 29 has stolen many of my good years and The Guardian is my brain coffee in the morning. 

Due to this often excessive interneting, I have the attention span of a 5 year old at Build-A-Bear. But when I saw Oroma Elewa for the first time I just kinda stopped. She's beautiful. Really beautiful. All photos of her ever are so steamy-hot-fashion sexy that I scorn my whole Instagram history. But hey you can follow me: @heatherloveslove yo. 

Anyway, she is the darling of Tumblr, P.S. reblogging her is your stamp to the cool girls club. 

But more than that, (there has to be more) she's an African pioneer. With little publishing experience she had the chutzpah to publish the deathly cool Pop Africana and self-made herself into a fashion/publishing badass. Pop Africana is no more (I think) but her website promises an e-store coming soon and she also happens to be a dj. It seems that when you have as many hours in the day as Beyonce you can get up to a whole lot if you're Oroma... The reason I'm actually doing this post is because I follow Miss Elewa on Instagram and I saw that she's in Pretoria... Yes, The 012! 

I would love to become her SA bestie but even Pretoria is a bit far for me. You know what is also quite cool about her? On the Italian Vogue website she listed our own Ma Brr as one of her inspirations. How great? 

Too great. 


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