Philip Crangi, The Bearded One!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Philip Crangi much like Nick Wooster, is a mini-style king because of the take off of street fashion due to websites like the faintly annoying, oh-so-serious The Sartorialist.

Philip Crangi is cool, there's no getting away from that, the homie is a jewellery designer and somewhat obviously, his jewellery designs are mainly anchors, signet rings and medieval type shit.

It's very tempting to say this man lives in his own world of style, sporadically gracing us lowly Internet users with a pic or two.

Bearded and tattooed much more than the average man would dare to; Philip Crangi is quite the badass, well in a sartorial sense anyway, his style speaks for itself.

That "famous" photograph is what started it all for me, the Steve McQueen Persol glasses, the deep blue V-neck, the tattoos looking oh so cool in their crappiness, the hipster jewellery...

But really for me it's the beard, any man, anywhere, will look better with a beard. I will anyway.


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