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Monday, March 03, 2014

Remember Devon Aoki?

Last week I found myself in balmy Umhlanga pretending that I was a sassy retiree with nothing better to do than eat pastries and swim in the Indian Ocean. I highly recommend this kind of behaviour. But next thing I knew it was March and all that idling away the days seemed to be a middle finger to my dreams for 2014. Productivity kinda takes a dive when you eat a cronut for breakfast...

Anyway, I'm back. Working part-time kinda makes people hate you, quite a lot actually. It's all lols for me though. I mean, working "overtime" for me means clocking out at 2.30pm. Big lols. But, it also means that I have to decide how to spend my time in a way that serves me best. I might not have to do anything but I certainly want to. Sometimes, like today, I bake and bake and then I bake some more. My hair starts to smell like cake and I have probably washed the dishes about five times but in those hours I am meditating. Do anything that you love for long enough and it becomes meditation. I also watched The Fixer but that doesn't count... Oh Livvie. 

Happy Monday and all that good stuff. 

I just watched Lupita's acceptance speech, how great? 


  1. I adore Kenzo and I love everything that is Devon Aoki. And you know what Miss Clancy I absolutely love you, when you talk I listen and when you write, I listen with my eyes. I love you even more now that I know that your hair smells like cake. Love your biggest fan in Korea.


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