Helvetica Gets Me Hot

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I'm in the process of getting some real grown-up things done in my life. Turning 26 is realer than real yo. 

One of those things is getting business cards for my burgeoning baking empire, Heather is Hungry (great name, right?). I've been studying fonts and just generally trying to understand what looks cool on a paper. I'm working with my dear friend, Phindi who is a graphic design darling and the design should be done soon (I hope she's reading this). 

I've always had a thing for cool business cards (see here) and it is actually quite exciting playing adult-adult. At my previous job they didn't want to make me cards so they gave me a previous employee's cards and I had to cross out his name, fuck Goodwill Adihambo, I wanted my own damn cards. 

I like to two on the right, I found them at work. 

Did you know? Helvetica was created in 1957, the aim of the new design was to create a neutral typeface that had great clarity and no intrinsic meaning in its form.


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