Three Things That I Love Right Now!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

1. This card. I love collecting interesting cards and each time that I visit somewhere that I really like I seek out a little memento for my purse. Unfortunately, when my purse was stolen (albeit temporarily)  the thief disposed of my cards and also (curiously) took the Polaroid that I had of Tommy, but (shamefully) left the Polaroid of me... My severely unphotogenic face now serves as a sad reminder that my photos are not worthy of criminal activity. 

2. This song. This song is from the soundtrack for A Place Beyond The Pines. At first when I heard it I thought that I had heard it before. Then I realized that when a song is especially pristine I often conflate emotions with the song and so, it turned out that more accurately, I had felt the emotion captured in the song before. It's that beautiful.

3. These Lindt babies. So just shy of a month ago, I went on a chocolate bender. If chocolate was a drug then I'd be the star of a sad reality show about an addict that just can't make good. Immediately after my aforementioned binge I decided that I needed to detox, in other words, I was Russell Brand-ing. We all know he will eventually relapse, but it is cute that he's trying. Anyway, tomorrow marks the end of my abstinence and like the sinner that I am I have stockpiled my poison for appropriate levels of regret and shame. 

Last words:

"I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares."

Saul Bass


  1. I've just spent a few moments wondering whose Polaroid (between one of you and Tommy) I'd save in a fire... I love that idea of collecting pretty cards from travels (post cards are so done lol.) Chocolate. Saul Bass can be my nigga.

    1. You've just overtaken Oprah as my favourite person that I've never met. Let it sink in.


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