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Thursday, December 05, 2013

This week I've been learning about Nsibidi. The Internet will tell you that the Nsibidi set of symbols is independent of Roman, Latin or Arabic influence and a completely indigenous creation of its African inventors. Also known as NsibiriNchibiddi or Nchibiddy, Nsibidi writing is an ancient ideographic writing system  that is indigenous to the Uguakima, Ebe or Uyanga ethnic groups of western Africa and dates back between 4000 and 5000 BC.  The writing in found in the cultures of Cross River among the Ekoi, Efik, Igbo people, and related peoples of southeastern Nigeria and Cameroon. Praise be to Africa! Ag man, I almost want to get the continent tattooed on my leg. 

While cruising the endless streets Wikipedia, I found this blog with a very noble and interesting mission (click here). Mo' fiya bruddah! 

It is quite lame that I didn't learn about these things at school. Well, truth be told we were too busy watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. Thanks government school. Anyway, I am attempting an education of choice by studying subjects that are interesting and important. Basically, my brain must not turn to pap just because my formal education is complete. This week I've been reading about African literature and writing and so here I am sharing some of my best finds.

Also, I found this website, Issuu (click here) which is great AND free! Just a heads up though, your internet must be strong to enjoy the spoils of this site, so yeah. Right this minute I'm paging through Scoff Zine and I might just read an article about Joey Bada$$ in The Fly. The First World can't hold me down! 


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