Phoebe Philo!

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Andre Leon Talley, perhaps the most fabulous man to ever have existed, wrote that Phoebe Philo is a "master of the imperfect perfect". He's good, isn't he? I just realized that Somizi is actually Mr. Talley's heir apparent. But anyway, I think that what he was saying in a very frou-frou way (naturally) is that the lady who once claimed to want to marry L.L Cool J and used to have a mouthful of what we would now call "grills" knows how to mush the fancy, high-art fashion with street-style nonchalance that whispers oh-I'm-wearing-this-old-thing. It's a huge call, but I think that she's the lady who made Nike's cool for women. Google it if you must. 

A brief history: 

First she was Stella McCartney's bitch at Chloe and then they parted ways as Stella got that Gucci group money and started Stella McCartney while Phoebs took over at Chloe. 

Chloe shined with Phoebs at the helm. Remember those padlock bags? Their ghost can still be found at flea markets across the world. When not working she could be found riding her horse, Toby, marrying a former model and having children. 

Get this, her daughter is named after Maya Angelou. I die. Not even Oprah can claim that shit. In 2008, she became the creative director at Celine where she can be found today in a studio especially designed for her by LVMH. 

Now you know.


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