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Monday, December 02, 2013

This is my favourite website (click here). It is packed to the rafters with things that make my brain get juicy. 

I am an advice addict. I love reading how other people understand the world and their tried and tested theories of the best path to anything worthwhile. I don't generally mind where the advice comes from, I can ignore it after all, I just find it fascinating to hear or read, because really, in giving advice the person is actually just doling out a slice of nostalgia or regret dressed up as an instruction. 

This website is filled with advice and I am a sponge for shit like this. I especially like this from Zadie Smith (click here) and this from Neil Gaiman (click here).

I tried to think about what advice I have to give to anyone and I pretty much drew a blank. It is strange since in my day-to-day conversations I often say things that must sound like wanker advice but really I'm just bullshitting, I have no idea. I just like to talk, too much and too often. 

Apologies to the countless victims of my ramblings, I am unlikely to change but hey, you never know. 


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