Wednesday, October 23, 2013

 YES, I KNOW! The A.P.C. & Carhartt collaboration has been out for 3 days now, I know. 

I was planning to get freaky over this here blog with a post but I dunno, there was a football match on or something. So I thought to myself, since Heather's back is turned I can turn all the collaborations I like into one super post.

The A.P.C/Carhartt is obviously the glamour here, but there are others that have piqued my interest. I don't need to say it again, but the possibility of me getting any of these because of geographical location is NEXT TO -8 but I can dream, and every time you have a fashion dream, Karl Lagerfeld loses 2Kg's of fat. Also, I mean we all know we all just want the big A.P.C. & Carhartt logo.

The Supreme X Bruce Lee is a bit iffy for me. Everybody luhs Bruce Lee and Supreme but together the mixture is like fusion Asian food and nobody likes that. But sometimes you do, sometimes it's noodles and bacon, which is delicious, trust me, I'm a broke student.

This isn't a collaboration but I've been meaning to post about Han Kjobenhavn for a minute. So I'll just add it sneakily at the end. The old guy gives off Eastern European human trafficker vibes but that adds to the beauty that is Han Kjobenhavn. Before I saw him, draped in Han Kjobenhavn, I never wanted to be 70 year old white dude who traffics humans, but now I kinda do. 


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