That's My Shit: Harriet The Spy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nostalgia on a hundred trillion. 

This was the first movie that I watched at the cinema during the week. My dad took me to Fourways and I was amazed that people actually did stuff on a school night. The trailer included the pilot episode of Hey Arnold! How's that for winning? 

For months after watching this movie I ate tomato and mayo sandwiches just like Harriet and I attempted some part-time spy work on my neighbors with binoculars and a notepad to boot! I still have that notebook and I must say that my rather keen eye is wasted on this life, with insights such as "her nose looks like it belongs to an angry pig" and "he shouts with his eyes" I should have become a P.I. instead. 

I would like to revisit this movie but experience has taught me that that's a bad idea. Still, it remains worthy of being the first entry in the That's My Shit category. 

P.S. Did you know Eartha Kitt was in Harriet The Spy? I knew I loved her from a past life! (See here too). 


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