Bubble Tea!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Food trends are my favourite trends. Unlike fashion trends you actually have to eat to enjoy them. Food is the new black says Huffpo and I just wanna get trendy in my belly! 

The first food trend that I indulged in was Freezochinos. Whoop, Y2K throwback! They made me feel grown-up and American. All that I wanted to be as a fourteen year old girl. With thoughts of Cher from Clueless in my mind, my aunt and I would go to Brazilian and order them extra strong, that's how we knew it was real. 

I kinda believed the hype that they were just ice and coffee because they were so gosh darn delicious that I needed consent from the food police in my brain. I later found out to my horror that those icy demons are calorie dense and probably diabetes-inducing. It was cool while it lasted though. 

Since then I've dabbled with red velvet, which I might add, is over now. They sell red velvet cupcakes at Engen. Game over! I've also flirted with almond milk and coconut milk, both delicious and nutritious too. I love milk though, so it was an easy sell. I've also preached the virtues of quinoa (say it with me now: keen-wa) and wept at its cost. But I'm yet to experience a cronut, heck, I haven't even had a doughnut since the dark days of childhood obesity. 

Today I had Bubble Tea from Happy Me and I gotta say I experienced a roller-coaster of emotions. First, I was super excited. I loved the idea, "ooh things from Taiwan" I mumbled to myself. I then ordered one with panna cotta and espresso, it was nice, kinda, the panna cotta is not a flavor as I had thought but rather a weird jelly thing floating at the bottom. I felt like I was drinking something from The Jetsons, in a good way. Then I whipped out my camera for the obligatory #yum post and the manager got excited and order me a traditional bubble tea with the tapioca pearls. At first I really liked it then I started thinking the pearls have the texture of what I'd imagine toad eggs to have and safe to say, it was all pretty much downhill from there. That said, I am now craving the aforementioned toad-like treats so I dunno what my verdict is.  

It's typical of me that the longest post I've written in awhile is all about my favorite pastime: eating! 


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