Haruki Murakami!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I have always wanted to listen to an audiobook. I think it's because I miss having someone read me bedtime stories. 

I remember once when I was about six or so, I read the whole of Disney's Cinderella to my gran, she listened attentively without saying anything and when I was done, all she said was "you got it all wrong". Hahaha, jeez.   

Anyway, childhood bitterness aside, I recently got Haruki Murakami's memoir This Is What I Talk About When I Talk About Running as an audiobook. It is fantastic, really, I love him.

I have read two of his previous books and getting an insight into him as a person is such a treat. Firstly, he started a jazz bar in Tokyo fresh out of university (kill me now) and then he just started writing and ascended to a kind of coolness reserved for the likes of Prince, Grace Jones and Olof Palme.  

Also, he has the golden ticket of being Japanese, which like being Swedish or Cape Verdean, means that you are necessarily cool and interesting.


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