Monday, January 07, 2013

I used to think that the great love of chocolate was a part of the human condition. We laugh, we want to kiss those that we love and we want to eat chocolate. Then people like Tumelo started tutting about the blah-ness of chocolate and all kinds of nonsense...

Then in India I saw how chocolate isn't all that easy to find, it hides, it shrinks in size because people don't buy it... Snickers became like crack to me, I literally ate one (sometimes two) everyday... What?! It was hot, I needed sugar and salty peanuts enrobed in chocolate...

Then Holly dearest returned from Switzerland with a bunch of these classy specimens... I was a goner. This chocolate is amazing, terrible name aside, it's like a party in my mouth. 

Basically I love chocolate, not in that annoying all-women-love-cats-and-chocolate fridge magnet kinda way though. 


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