Guest Post: Stars Wars Steez!

Monday, January 07, 2013

Star Wars... Ahhh very few things in this world make me sigh. 

Star Wars is one, especially Darth Maul, everyone says that he's the second best Darth but in my heart he'll always be number one. 

Anyway, so stuff that makes me sigh; Heather is one, (shout out to ma baybeh! On her own blog!), comic books, Black Existentialism and clothes. 

So star wars dudes in suits... Oooohhh weeeyyyy baybeh!! Makes my sartorial balls hot...

I didn't think Boba Fett was the type of homie to rock Supreme or well Visvim, I see him more of an Armani dude. You know, power suit.


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