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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yesterday I did something that I have been meaning to do since the middle of last year. Ahhh, it feels so good. Small pleasures: they're the only ones that I can afford... 

You see, last year while we were on the hunt for an elusive ATM at Market on Main (curse that place); Tommy and I found this hidden gem with books spilling out. It was closed and that made it all the more appealing. 

And so with Tommy being AWOL since flippin' November (that's 9 weeks, sir) I have run out of sad/romantic movies to watch and so I decided to venture out to somewhere besides gym. 

Turns out, the shop is the largest used and rare book shop in Africa and in the Southern Hemisphere being home to over a million books! 

It seems crazy to imagine a million books in one shop, but once you go inside the chaos the books and stuff (vinyls, postcards, teacups) swallow you whole and I felt as though I had entered a place that could be home to a mad genius or a healthy family of (well read) spiders. 

I got Wizard of The Crow by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o for 80 bucks! Whoop. 

Johannesburg, you beauty! 


  1. And you went without me. mehm...

    1. Hehe, I actually was on the lookout for you! I was shouting 'Nomali-from-Soweto!' out my car window!


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