Tommy's Post: Another Supreme x Vans Collab

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Somebody better tell the top brass at Supreme that these collabs are getting played out. 

I’m running out of ways to say that I’m not American and will never own any of these products. But I’ll try, just for you, loyal and dedicated FofTheH reader.

So you know when you’re walking down the street in Kiev or Portland or Bogota and you see a guy or even lady, (since we’re non-sexist here at the towers) and obviously this guy or lady is from a lower socio-economic class than you are. You’re first thought isn’t “damn this guy will be eating from the gutter tonight” or even “eish, I wish I had an organically manufactured linen throw to give him” but rather “homie will never know the pain of seeing somebody wear the limited release sneaker  that I wanted but couldn't get”.

And then you’re like "I wish I was that innocent".,, Man, I don’t know, whenever I see a homeless guy I avert my eyes and then go home and complain about the government.

Well right now that’s me, not the gutter man but the man in pain. Rampant consumerism not satisfied is the hardest hit of them all.


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