I Feel Like I Look A Little Bit Like Ryan Gosling

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just a little bit. But it is undeniable okay.

This photo was taken on a very sad day (I always smile through the tears).

Now, now, it wasn't a sad day for anything real or important. Never that. Concisely, it was a sad day because #middleclassproblems.

Tommy and I had gone to the Winter Sculpture Fair (great idea) but we didn't draw cash before (very bad idea) and so with most of the card machines not working we shared a single glass of wine and a single tuna patty! THE HORROR. Listen, I had planned to eat like it was the last supper. I didn't really give a hot damn about the sculptures. I mean, I'm all about food, really. So it was quite tragic. Also, it wasn't very funny that the event was sponsored by Mastercard. But, I got quite drunk (I'm sad and cheap like that) and it was very pretty and the people watching was excellent. 

So basically this is a note to myself: pack cash like you trying buy a-grade drugs. 


  1. Love your frames. "I'm just here for the food" will probably be my motto once I start going to places.

    1. Thanks, I've been looking for them my whole life. Yes, best motto. Go places now.


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