Daily Paper

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Daily Paper is a brand that Heather and I came across at STR CRD this past weekend. Now STR CRD probably deserves it's own post, just to give me a space to rant at how I couldn't drink anything besides a BOS Ice Tea mix. I mean come on, what 20-something brother wants to drink ICED TEA at 22:00 in  the JOHANNESBURG INNER CITY. I'm not being irrational here am I internet?

But anyway Daily Paper, shit's dope (click here). We met Hussain Suleiman at their stall at STR CRD, dude looks really young, but was really cool and bonus points to him, he really loved Joburg. So there you go Johannesburg, at least someone loves you. I managed to get my hands on a baseball tee, so thats my Tumblr win for the year, but honestly I could've walked away with everything on the rack but as usual, bothersome things like how many zero's my bank account has and eating and living got in the way.


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