Naturelle, Peanut Butter & The World!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

This peanut butter is the champagne of the peanut butter world. Straight outta the fridge and straight outta my dreams, I want to eat this with everything. But actually, I like it best on its own. This terrible (beautiful) habit stems largely from my favourite movie during high school, 25th Hour. 

To bring you up to speed: Rosario Dawson's character, Naturelle made me consider homosexuality. But more importantly, in the movie she eats peanut butter fresh from the tub and it just looked so damned good. So that's where my love affair with the always claggy delight began. At the time I really hated peanut butter, so you can perhaps grasp the intensity of my affection for Naturelle Riviera. Up until then I had always associated peanut butter with grade one boys' breath. But Naturelle ushered in a new phase of peanut-loving that has served my belly well. 

This book is not at all related to my useless homage to peanut butter and the seemingly ageless Rosario Dawson, but it is my reading matter right now and it pretty much has me captivated. The title alone is gold. Plus, the colours of the cover reminded me of the peanut butter tub. Yup, I'm in that deep. I see it everywhere. 

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  1. Rosario is such a beauty! I like her from imagination seeing as I haven't actually seen most of her work. I will fix that! Also, I LOVED peanut butter as a kid. I used to lick it off of bread slices. So many forms, waddup?


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