Tommy's Post: Hiroki Nakamura!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I don't know what it is, but, I mean fuck me if I'm being racist but sometimes you see a Japanese dude and you're like "damn my homie over there, you would make a good Samurai". But jeez Louise, Hiroki Nakamura looks like goddamn Miyamoto Musashi (just click and see).

Master of visvim, this dude has been making men look like rich dustbowl-inspired Native American hobos since like... well, whenever visvim dropped.

So, I've already written about my love of visvim and the lack of Rands in my sum1 bank account that would never survive the demon exchange rate but I've never written about the man that inspired my love. So Hiroki man, I would bleed for ya' dawg. 

How deep is my love for you, you ask? Bottomless bro, bottomless...

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  1. He's so yum! I think I also have a sum1, shxt not enough money to even care what kind of account its in... Thanks for the supply of new people to google and stuff...


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