Better Together!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kooples is a French brand started by three brothers who are the sons of the creators of the successful Comptoir de Cotonniers women's wear brand. 

I just love the advertising campaigns that feature real life couples rocking dandy scarves, the skinniest of skinnies and ubiquitous French swag. 

Stylish couples was the intended focus of my blog. However, sunny South Africa is kinda all-together lacking in that department, since it's sometimes hard to find even one really well dressed stunner, so to find two who also happen to be together and in love (that was going to be a prerequisite, no love, no kudos!) is a Halleys-Comet-four-leafed-clover kinda event. 

P.S. Tommy loves The Kooples. He made me say that. 


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