Marie Claire and Cookies!

Monday, June 27, 2011

I was tickled to see the letter I wrote to Marie Claire in the latest issue.

Although I had already painstakingly prepared my surprised voice for when I won the prize for the winning letter, it was still fun to see my letter there for all to see.

The last time I wrote to a publication I was 11 years old writing to the Sunday Times Magazine kids section to inform them of my varied hobbies. Naturally I lied, so my exotic hobbies ranged from ice-skating to horse riding and soccer. My real hobbies as an 11 year old were far more sedentary and I was in fact petrified of horses. Nonetheless, my letter of lies was published and kept for weeks on end to show family and friends my literary talent.

Fast-foward to this week, reading the latest issue of MC was made even better by the fact that I had made vanilla cookies to scoff while looking at famished models and celebs.

The recipe for the cookies is from Joy the Baker and they're definitely worth making for the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies alone.


  1. I love the fact that you were eating cookies while looking at starved models :D You go girl.And congrats for your published letter!!!


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