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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First things first, you gotta watch both of these movies if you haven't already. Watching them is like being spooned by the universe. If I was a useless doctor I would prescribe these movies like a tonic for the sad and lonely. I sometimes want to be a doctor, for the money mostly, but also because I like helping people and stuff. Anyway, this is my contribution to the happiness quotient of the world. Watch these two movies and feel better. 

But why?

Well, they are both ridiculously good, like ten-outta-ten vibes. They are also both deliciously life-affirming which is strange given the presence of a Catbus (see here) and an intelligent operating system that with the perils of Vodacom shitty network coverage and airtime, seems maybe more unbelievable than a fucking Catbus. 

"Her" the top one if you didn't already know, is so beautiful to watch that it falls into the category of movies that you can absolutely enjoy on mute. But that doesn't mean that the dialogue isn't amazing, because it is... Intelligent, interesting and beautiful, the dialogue is still swimming in my brain, albeit bastardized by my poor memory. Also, I really, really loved the colours in the movie, rich hues of orange and brown, and the notable absence of the colour blue. The future according to Spike Jonze is actually a 1930's throwback with the presence of "close", intuitive technology. I kinda hope that he is right, I personally cannot wait to wear Opening Ceremony like it's a uniform. A movie about love. A movie about death, transience and high-waisted pants. I loved everything about it. 

Now on to "My Neighbour Totoro". Goodness! This movie just made me want to wash my mouth out with soap (in the best possible way). It presents a world that is so sweet, innocent and sincere that it made me feel like I've been a bad girl my whole life for thinking otherwise. I only wish that I had watched it when I was younger instead of being introduced to the world via the lunacy of Disney's scare tactics. Actually, just thinking about the movie makes me smile and roar "TOHHH-TOHH-ROHHHH!" 

In conclusion: now I really need to get to Japan and just get knee-deep in some Totoro merch. Also, I need to rethink my haters-hate-everything stance on Amy Adams given her great performance in "Her".

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  1. dude, "Watching them is like being spooned by the universe. If I was a useless doctor I would prescribe these movies like a tonic for the sad and lonely." you're a master poet, that is a line I want to quote all the time.

    BUT YEAH MAN BOTH THE BEST MOVIES. They're the kind I could watch over and over again and never get sick of a moment.


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