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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tommy and I have returned from our sojourn in the Eastern Cape. 

Seeing a bit more of our country has made me very appreciative of my birthplace. Joburg really is the best place ever (most of the time). Travelling invariably causes two feelings for me, I feel like I want to travel more and at the same time I just really want to go home. 

In other news, how great is this illustration by Mel Stringer:

Recently, Instagram and movies have created a major NYC-shaped hole in my heart that can only be filled by a summer trip to The Big Apple. Tommy and I have seen many great cities together but Noo Yawk remains the great unknown-known frontier. Movies and series have made us believe  that we know New York, (c'mon, I've watched nearly every Woody Allen movie) but we still haven't gone. So I'm putting it out there, 2015 NYC is ours! 

I haven't been updating FOFTHEH recently because I kinda die on the internet every single day so I feel like I've read everything, seen everything, laughed at everything and nothing is really exciting. This is a terrible outlook, I know, it is mostly fatigue related to the fact that I recently upgraded from a Blackberry (lol for days) to an iPhone. So in essence, this is my internet baptism by fire. 

This week I need to wean myself of the internet and just reclaim the kingdom of my skull without the opinion of every New Yorker columnist swimming in my head. 

Even though I just said that nothing is really exciting on the interwebs, I still LOVE this:


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