Tommy's Post: Supreme x Nike, Never in My Life

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

So it's been a while. For the last three weeks, I've faced riots outside my door, people molesting me on public transport, random children screaming my name and what for? Ya'll want another post.

Y'all want that buttery goodness to drip down off your computer screens and straight into your lives.

Anyways back to what matters, Supreme and Nike have collaborated again. Shorts, sneakers and vests. You can wear them all at once, if you feel like being a hypebeast. I'm pretty sure that these will go well with tribal tattoos. Also my man Migos, will probably dedicate a song to these, actually probably not, cause these look like a poor man's Versace. Also, what the hell is up with those foamposites? I gave up on Sketchers in 2001, I can't go back to that.

Quick caveat though, I have never owned a Supreme product or a Supreme X anybody joint. I own a fuck load of Nikes, but that's because I buy what I see on Tumblr. This stuff might look good on you, maybe if you're American, or maybe if you're a New Yorker or maybe if you're Tyga. Don't take me literally, I know how ya'll dudes roll. Seriously, don't be running up to me in the street. But I will never own these. Never in my life.  


  1. Quick, internet friendship level inappropriate confession: I loved boxers so much when I was 17 & 18. I was basically the Axl Heck of my life (except for the topless part because boobs.) I love these shorts. They take me there.


    1. I see someone watches SABC 3

    2. It's a sad thing, this welfare TV life.


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