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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Created to improve life. Good for all seasons.

Isn't that the greatest vision statement you've ever read? I know I like it. I like it so much that sometimes I go the website and just stare...

Truth time, children. I've actually been to a Norse Projects store and it was in Scandinavia! Huzzah! 

Disappointingly, I didn't know it was Norse Projects at the time, I was young and it was cold. 

My brother bought a cap made out of an actual Japanese person's old carpet, which I thought was a bad idea at the time. Now I love that cap like it's my own child. But ever since that cold mess of a trip to Copenhagen, I've been lusting over Norse Projects in a way that makes Heather sigh in disappointment at her boo.

That Scandinavian minimalism, those Elka parkas, the athletic tee's, come on! God or whoever the fuck's up there, just give me a yung sponsorship or at the very least a free beanie, at this point I'd even take a stick with Norse Projects written on it.

My favourite brands make clothes that blur the line between menswear and sportswear. Essentially clothes that create the impression that I have nowhere important to be, no job, no family to provide for, just me and my super-luxe living.

If no one has noticed, what I basically want for my birthday and every other celebratory day is Norse Projects.

Contact details for deliveries of Norse Projects:

082 Norse Projects or alternatively you can contact me at:


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