Matchy Matchy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm quite happy to let certain trends pass me by, I'm a grown-ass woman, I can't be acting da fool like we're on the set of a '90's teen movie. Others trends, I flirt with and sometimes invest on a small scale level (see: Mr. Price). This one though, has me by the heartstrings! 

No one dressed me when I was small, my dad did not blink when I wore pajamas with jeans for a chilly winter back in '96. I've been doing my own thang for so long that I've been through so many fashion phases... Including but not limited to: Boyz 2 Men X Playground (think fake FUBU meets friendship necklaces). Anything with an animal on it. My fave was a Big Five tee I got at Sabie Sabie. Proud memories. There was also the whole J-Lo velour frenzy that included me buying a baby blue number at Edgars (I hate myself). But it didn't stop there... Huge gold hoops were also part of the swag, thanks Jenny. Also not forgetting the infamous twinset phase (I had a million cardigans). 

So because I've been on the fashion roller coaster for so long I really enjoy the simplicity of the matchy matchy pants/skirt and top. There's something minimalist about it. It childlike in a sense but also Japanese-ish (I'm forcing that one). Also, Topshop have got on it so I'm literally dying to regret my life choices by spending all my money there one Thursday afternoon. 

Why a Thursday afternoon you ask? Well, friend, it is the best day to shop obviously. Shops get new stock on Wednesday but they take their time bringing out the fresh goods so Thursday actually is the best day 'cause you got all the new ish coupled with the fact that the next day is Friday and guess what? Friday is thee most amazing day already but, oh child, but, if you have a new outfit, well then, Friday is fucking fantastic. 

P.S. The two gems at the top are Topshop, obviously. The gingham one is also Topshop (I die) but the dude's one is Christopher Kane. 


  1. Two-piece for the win. I sort of really wanted the latest scotch mr p one when I saw it.

    1. Ya I need to check old faithful before I make an investment! Thanks for the heads up.


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