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Monday, January 20, 2014

Happiest 2014! We're back babes! Dry your eyes and dance!

It's a bit late for a new year's hello but since the Parisian party we celebrated New Year's Eve at didn't even do a countdown, I feel a bit out of touch.

Homies did not give a hot damn about that countdown business.

This out of touch feeling was compounded by the fact that while everyone was returning to work (askies) and getting on the cursed resolutions bandwagon, Tommy and I were eating and drinking our way through the French capital with much glee, fuckery and remorse after excessive consumption. It was a three week long bacchanal that caused me to return a bit plump-y and useless but I loved it! We also managed to visit a whole bunch of museums so my brain is also plump-y with inspiration and wonder.

Paris is a wonderful place for people like me who become evangelical about tasty food. 

I can still remember with vivid, almost pornographic detail a grape that I ate three years ago... 

I am going to try to recreate some of the yummies that I had the pleasure of inhaling so that the good times can roll on throughout 2014. Hopefully I will not be rolling around too.

Anyhoo, we're glad to be back home, there's truly no place as great as this.

Everything is going to be amazing and there's gonna be a whole lotta posts coming up this week so come back and love us. 


  1. Welcome back! Super jelly about your trip! Happy Happy!

  2. Compliments! You looked so fucking cute in Paris (look sufficiently cute in Jozi too.) I would Like to see photos of you wearing clothes in Paris. Or not wearing clothes in Paris -- if you're so inclined.

    Welcome back!


  3. Comments from my favourites! It really is a good year!


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