A Love Like This

Sunday, September 08, 2013

On their wedding anniversary in July 1979, Walter writing to his darling wife:

I think this is the date on which we got married 35 years ago. I was certain of this date until I slid my pen on the paper when I began to have some doubt whether it was the 15 or 17 July. All these years I was sure, but now?
Your welcome and most moving letter has had the desired effects ... It was not the volume that mattered, it was the quality, deep emotion and sincere expression of love which left an everlasting impression and kindled the fondest memories. I shall forever treasure it. I shall always imagine you in that excellent and fine spirit which it so vividly depicted ...
Concerning the progress you have made with regard to family matters and the manner in which you have handled them, I can only repeat what I have said in the past - absolute superb. I have never felt as comfortable as I am. I am really happy about all the children. It is true I would we wanted the highest possible education but I think they will certainly make up for it. I was happy when there was a re-union of the children four years ago and now with Lakhe and Lindi all seems to be very well.
Now darling, let me have the photos of the two girls at least, you know in fact that I want the photos of all of you, including ' bakhozi (in-laws). Your last photo was taken by Mthetwa or Cuthbert Mawana 12 years ago. Can you believe that? Have you any photo of Max there? Please send me a duplicate of it. I know you would not want to part with it.
What are your plans about Nkuli? ... Let her not miss the chance of a university while she is still interested. By the way, Tinie, she needs your attention and guidance on her love affairs. I know you think she has no boyfriends. She has told me that she has one.
We ought to know what kind of boy he is even if there is nothing serious at this stage; at least it is a way of educating them.
With love to you and the children and million kisses to my beloved Ntsiki.

Don't tell me that love cannot persist when supreme love like this exists. 

Seventeen streets in Johannesburg are set to be renamed after Albertina Sisulu, with the former Market street already proudly bearing her name. This couple dedicated their lives to ours and with their names emblazoned on the streets of Johannesburg I hope that their magic seeps into the city. 


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