Cape Town!

Monday, July 22, 2013

KAAP Stad!!! Cape Town, Ape Town, Mother City, Little Europe... Whatevs you want to call it, we were there. 

And boy oh boy, it was good. 

We laughed, we laughed alone, we laughed at each other, we smiled, ate, ate some more, complained about eating too much and then ordered some more, drank milkshakes, downed shots, got drunk, danced, kissed, watched two seals, got watched by the lecherous eyes of the chauffeur, jacuzzi'd, searched for our doppelgangers, sang, harmonized, repeatedly said 'hallo' in a German accent, wore each others clothes, bought some more clothes, watched reality TV late at night, watched Man of Steel, drank too much coffee with cream, walked in the rain, waited for the rain to stop, played games, played "what if", got sky high, did things for the first time, got lost, got lucky, ran out of luck, ran out of money, found more, found happiness again and always. 

When you find someone that you think is literally the best person on this planet you plan a holiday and instead you get the most delicious and juiciest slice of happiness. 


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