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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I have been thinking about the internet a lot lately. There's no denying that I spend hours trawling the interwebs but the question remains whether I really should actually be doing this or if it is as I tend to suspect it is; a really (really) delicious but dangerous time eater that hates my dreams. 

Reasons I like the internet (incomplete list):

1. The Guardian. Sweet baby Jesus. I survived a 9 to 5 thanks to this gem. For realz.

2. Puppy sandwiches, Tumblrs dedicated to Corgis (click, click, you gotta see this), 9GAG and anything utterly ridiculous yet undeniably life affirming (see: puppy sandwiches). 

3. Wiki-fucking-pedia. In varsity I was told to hate it but now free of the shackles of tertiary education, (my bubbe thinks I have a doctorate) I can love and kiss Wiki all I want. Gee whiz, the Random Article button alone deserves mad love.

4. Need I say more? 

5. Good Reads. Quotes from just about any author or book. I am sincerely in love with so many dead people thanks to this website. 

6. My dynamic girlfriend collection. The internet has introduced me to so many beauties. 

a. Julia, oh Julia.

b. Hanneli, sweet Hanneli Mustaparta!

To be continued (basically my back hurts and I need a nap)...


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