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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From Seoul to Slovenia, London to Osaka... There's so much good eating to get done!

Restaurant and cafe design is my kinda porn on Pinterest and it is well documented that I love food. 

One of my favourite parts of our daily night time call is when Tommy and I share what we have eaten throughout the day. Banalities like this are the intimacy that yokes people together. I know that you had Weetbix (three sugars) for breakfast, therefore I understand and love you... Or something like that... 

I haven't found my absolute favourite place to dine or drink as of yet but Salon De Factory in Seoul has been one of my semi-favourites (click here) and the famous Angelina's in Paris (you gotta do it) had me drunk with happiness. In India we had thee best fish curry (and the softest rice) at Shiva Garden. Not a day goes by that I do not miss that teddy bear soft rice and spicy fish from heaven. 

Closer to home, Royale burgers and milkshakes should be deemed a tourist attraction with special mention going to the real prize of their menu being those heroin-laced sweet potato fries. In Joburg, I have no shame in admitting that I love Tasha's food. Goddamn. That cheesecake alone is worthy of celebration. I am also loving Warm & Glad because like the name says, it makes me feel both warm and glad (I hate myself for that sentence). 

Now I'm hungry and next on my to-eat list is roadhouse fare, I hear that Louis Botha is home to a  couple of gems and this weekend I hope to wink at death while hoovering a burger and milkshake. 


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