Tommy's Post: Fashion Figure Inc

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

After Heather, the deluge. In case you're wondering, I'm the deluge. Deluge of what, pray tell Mr Dennis? Since you asked internet, the deluge of high bro culture.  

Heather's previous post was all "Thinking Fast and Slow and shit" and all "yo boyfriend I gots a degree", so I'm hitting back with some "yo girl, I gots fashionz figurines!" cos' you know that's what I got. Toys dressed as anthropological species from the fashion world. Not from my fashion world cause all I got is that one dude who just looks like he owns a chain of mildly successful petrol stations. These men populate my life like flies... But until someone is metaphysical enough to depict that lifestyle in toy form you have to visit

Like actually visit, don't be that guy whose doesn't do in-depth investigations , but actually go, because you know, you're worth it.


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