Like The Angel

Monday, February 04, 2013

I met this man in Maboneng, when I asked him his name he replied "Michael, like the angel". I thought that this was the most wonderful thing. 

What could my thing be? Heather, like the flower? Lame. Heather, like Heather Locklear? Worse...

There were three natural disasters with my name... Tropical Storm Heather of '69 and '73 and of course (jokes) Hurricane Heather of '77! 

Well, when I was small I actually wanted my name to be Angie. Use it, don't use it...


  1. Thatha Angel Michael!

    You could be Heather like the cult classic without the sss...

    *shrugs* Lame to the next level.

    1. I haven't even seen the movie, the 80's scare me. I've never been a cult classic or even just a classic!

  2. "Michael, like the angel". - That is just too adorable!

    – Sofie

    1. Well you've got a lovely blog :) I'm now following you via bloglovin


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