Dirty Pretty Things

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The infamous and glorious City of Gold is awash with colour if you look beyond the towering heights of concrete and glass.

Florals, brights and prints find their source in the urban landscape, just look!

Take your inspiration from the graffiti-lined streets, after all, it is a man's world filled with pretty little things.

If prints are too dizzying and if florals smash your rosy-tinted shades, then go pared down in denim or embrace the Breton uniform. 

Let the early morning sky be your inspiration; neutral colours with a hint of something more to come. 

A dash of the unexpected in the form of a gold chain or a luxurious faux fur coat won't go amiss. 

Accessories give a nod to your personality and all of a sudden the practicalities of a hat and shades scream 'this is me!' or whisper if that's more your style..

Take your cue, inspiration exists everywhere.

If in doubt, think 'what would Jimi wear?'

A dash of Prada never hurt too.


  1. Aaaah! Jimi Hendrix :D
    great post.


    1. Thank you, I looove your blog:) And yeah, Jimi is always the answer.


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