Zara... Finally!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

So..fashionistas put yo' guns up!

Zara is finally coming to the Republic, (about bloody time, Estonia and Puerto Rico have had Zara for years).

Ever since the first South African took a trip abroad and returned misty-eyed with one tale only, the greatness of Zara, there have been rumour that one blessed day the Spanish retailer would open up a store.

It's going to open in Sandton City's new protea-shaped extension in the beginning of November, there are reservations that it's going to be just like its sister Mango and stock dated crap.

However, Zara says the line will be similar to the others in the Southern Hemisphere (Chile etc), so in a nutshell, old.

But who cares, it's Zara and it's finally here.


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