The Big Woo, Nickelson Wooster

Sunday, August 28, 2011

If like me, (Tommy, Heather's boyfriend) you scour the interwebs for men's fashion, chances are you've come across the heavily tattooed, sock-less photos of one Nickelson Wooster. The Big Woo rules the multitude of mens fashion blogs.

Nickelson Wooster is the men's fashion director of Neiman Marcus Group Services, to you and me in South Africa that basically means he's the fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman. 

The Big Woo is a sartorial G, the nkosi of streetstyle,  the demi-god of men's style.

Things to learn from Nickelson Wooster:

1. Colour, add a dash of colour to anything.
2. Keep yo' beard game tight, facial hair does in fact make you cooler.
3. Hater blockers, very important, let those cretins from Markham and Fabiani hate all day.
4. Tattoos must be carefully positioned to end where your cuff ends, tattoos are now a fashion accessory (this I'm not too sure about), but the dude is a sartorial badass.
5. Oh yes, tattoos make you cooler.

6. Have fun laaities, clothes are too be enjoyed and obsessed over.


  1. Thanks for follow me! You have a great blog! I like so much this post.

  2. Of course:) thanks, it's a winner!

  3. Fuck! I want me some Wooster! Huba Huba. *goes back to actually read post.*

    Gosh I love archives.

    1. Huba Huba?! Wow. Fashion is a powerful aphrodisiac! Hehe, yeah, words?! Who cares!


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