Kind of Blue

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Last weekend I bought my first Miles Davis album.

Surely that makes me cool by default..

Anyway, the first Miles Davis film is set to be released soon with the film centring around a 36-hour moment in his life.

I kinda like the idea of this 36-hour moment. No cradle-to-grave Ray-esque tearjerker. Just a moment, albeit a long one.

P.S. Davis loved European sports cars, his daddy was a dentist and Bob Dylan called him the "definition of cool".

Foul-mouthed to the end, the co-writer of his autobiography said that if you deleted the word motherf***er from the book it would probably be fifty pages shorter.

"I can only do one thing, play my horn, and that's what's at the bottom of the whole mess". 


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