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Monday, June 06, 2011

Heather and I watched X-Men First Class over the past weekend, but trying to get her to go would've been much easier if I had Prof. X's telepathic abilities. I loved it, she grudgingly decided that it was "OK", I think she's gotten tired of all the sci-fi, fantasy, superhero movies she's been dragged to over the last year and a half.

Unfortunately for her, there's a gang of superheroes films coming out this year and she knows we're getting tickets in advance for every one of them.

By the by, it was more Mad-Men than X-Men and Magneto and Riptide (whirlwind dude who says nothing) outshine any superpower by the power of their suits.

So this is my list of films coming out some time in the future, that I'm screaming like a 12 year old girl in heat (Justin Bieber heat) for:

1. Green Lantern
I love the comics, trust me getting comics in South Africa ain't easy but Green Lantern is worth it, bit worried that Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan..

2. Captain America
Once again only because it's a comic book film, but once again the choice of leading man, chills my bones..Chris Evans..

3. Straw Dogs (remake)
This should be really interesting, the original was simply a great film. I was never afraid of maths teachers or Dustin Hoffman before I saw this film.

4. Tree of Life (this hasn't reached South Africa yet)
Terence Malick, mnandi! Beautiful films made by a publicity hating recluse, my type of man.

5. Paradise Lost (apparently)
If this actually happens, I'll be surprised. If it's good, I'll be amazed.

6. Rise of the Planet of Apes
I'm a sucker for talking monkeys.

7. Dark Knight Rises
He's my favourite superhero, I even had his costume. Christopher Nolan is an amazing director, the last two have been better than heaven, what more of a reason do I need? Come on it's the goddamn Batman!

That's it, are their any movies you're looking out for?


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