Happiness in a Bowl!

Monday, May 16, 2011

This was my favourite cereal back in the day when it was still known as "Honey Smacks".

Then Kellogg's cruelly removed it from the selves and I had to reluctantly cross over to Strawberry Pops. Suffice to say, my heart never really healed.

Then just the other day, like a dream-come-true I spotted Dig'Em Frog on the shelf again.

Yes, the mascot is a frog.

Yes, his name is Dig'Em.

Happy days! I didn't buy it though...

I'm waiting for a special occasion when a ton of sugar is justifiable before 8am.

The second box pictured from 1966 is just too great.

Thanks Kellogg's for clarifying that "space energy comes from sugary smacks".


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